Due to the origins of the homes in central El Paso and Horizon City, TX, there have been many houses that have wiring to be over 50 years and up until 100 years old. It scares many as their house might not be up to code. That’s why Liza’s Tovar Electric offers residential electrical repairs. That’s why we repair worn down light switches, ballasts, outlets, and GFI. So that you don’t have to live in the dark. Let Liza’s team fix any electrical problem you may potentially have or need.

When you face any old insulation that cracks and often falls apart on electrical wiring,  this creates dangerous conditions that may cause fires or electrocution. That’s why Liza’s experts will inspect your home for free and give you a quote for repairs and upgrades. So that it may protect you and your loved ones from any potential issues occurring in your home.

In addition to these older homes and damaged wires, some of these homes often either have unground outlets, or fuses instead of circuit breakers. Some of these homes are so outdated, that they may also require GFI outlets installations in the kitchen, bath, or outdoors. These risks are so dangerous that one or more El Paso and Horizon City, TX homes are burned down due to electrical fires every year. That’s why we urge you to give us a call if you notice any of these aspects in your home, as these fixes protect you, your home, and your family.



Remodeling doesn’t always have to be complex. It could come in the simplest forms such as getting a new ceiling fan, adding circuits to have refrigerated air, or adding a circuit to an electric car charger. Some remodels could be as simple of switching out energy-saving LED-bulbs and putting in special dimmer switches.


Who knows, you may even want to add outdoor lighting for the safety of your home or for stylistic reasons. If not sure about your project, ask Liza and her crew. Liza’s Tovar Electric team are licensed and employed Master and Journeyman electricians that gives you the confidence in knowing your project will get done with nothing but excellent quality.

Liza’s company also provides residential electrical on immense remodels. For example, Liza may do a complete circuity and appliance installations for a “commercial-style” kitchens. This includes installing appliances for your kitchen and high-volume exhaust fans amongst other things. We could also do other innovations in the home such as adding a whirlpool tub or steam unit into your personal bathtub, or make normal overhead lamps into mood lighting. Our ultimate goal is to give your hopes and dreams from your home, and turn them into a reality with our expertise.


In the modern world, it is difficult to figure out what you need in your everyday life. However, with Liza’s Tovar Electric, you could have the confidence in any residential electrical services help you might need. We could even install holiday lights if our clients need to. We also have special equipment known as the “bucket truck” that can help reach high spots like 2nd story roof-lines and palm tree tops. We can even calculate electrical usage so your breaker’s won’t shut down on you during the holiday seasons. In general, if you or a loved one have any projects that need residential electrical planning and setting, please call with any questions and we’ll put your mind at ease with estimates if one asks.