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Tovar Electric is a fully-serviced electrical services contractor. The employees are specialized and licensed electricians, journeymen, or registered apprentices that are bilingual for everyone’s needs and conveniences. And through the years, they developed skills to help solve any problems or issues that come in their way. Finally, the work provided isn’t fully completed until industry standards have been met by the National Electrical Code and local ordinances.

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At Liza’s Tovar Electric, LLC, you can expect the greatest electrical and lighting solutions that are the best for you and your family/businesses at the lowest rates. We can even save you money.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for LED lighting upgrades, electrical installation or any of our other services in El Paso, TX.

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If your property has faulty wiring, don’t wait. Call Liza’s Tovar Electric right away to schedule an appointment on site. When your residential, commercial or industrial property needs repairs, hire an electrician you can trust. Here are four reasons to choose the team at Liza’s Tovar Electric.

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