Does your company have a parking lot lighted by High Pressure Sodium or Mercury Vapor bulbs? Replace those light bulbs now with long-lasting, effective LED bulbs. You may not have either of these light bulbs and instead have incandescent and florescent interior lighting in your parking lot. Regardless, these light bulbs still use more energy than LED lighting. In addition, incandescent and florescent lamps produce heavy amounts of heat that could raise the costs of your air conditioning bills.

Call Tovar Electric for a free quote for converting dated fixtures into energy-saving LED lighting. We can also give you an approximate amount of how much you could potentially save in energy costs. We’ve even studied businesses that did make the switch and discovered that they saved so much money from their first year in switching lights, that they covered the costs of us switching out their lights. This doesn’t even include the savings many companies have saved years after our services. Again, call Liza at (915) 595-2900.



Whether used for interior or exterior lighting, LED lighting saves money in a variety of ways:

  • LEDS have a longer life span. An LED lamp alone can last 25 to 100 times longer than an average incandescent bulb.
  • Commercial exterior LEDs are 10x more efficient in their functionality compared to Mercury Vapor or High Pressure Sodium bulbs. LEDs also provide instant start ups where you do not have to wait for any gases to heat up compared to other bulbs.
  • LEDs also don’t need to be changed as often, allowing lower maintenance costs. This even includes the events of  when you hire contractors to replace parking lot bulbs on high poles.
  • LEDs produce less heat and lowers air-conditioning costs in your company or building.
  • LEDs are solid-state. This means that they do not shatter and require no clean-up if dropped.
  • LEDs are directional and the lighting goes in the direction you would like.
  • LEDs are offered in a variety of colors for landscape or mood lighting.
  • As technology develops, new research and improvements make LEDs longer-lasting and more affordable every day.

According to, 49 million LED bulbs were installed in 2012. This allowed up to over $675 million in savings a year and helped the environment by saving over hundred of metric tons of carbon emissions. If this retrofitting trend continues, and we were to switch all bulbs to LEDs in the next 20 years, it would result in $250 billion dollars in energy savings and reduce carbon emissions by 1.8 billion metric tons.

The City of El Paso, in association with El Paso Electric and other organizations, are pushing through and trying to retrofit current HPS (High Power Sodium) bulbs and MV (Mercury Vapor) bulbs for L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs so that the environment and individuals wallets could be saved. The current phase is dealing with about 19,000 street lamps. If this project were to be succeeded, expected energy and bulb replacement savings is predicted to surpass $8 million over a ten year span. As of right now, your company may not have a project of this magnitude, these numbers still should help realize the significance in modernizing parking lots and outdoor lighting to LED lights.