About Liza Tovar Electric:

The daughter of Larry Tovar Jr., Liza Martinez is the president of her own company: Liza’s Tovar Electric. She shows confidence in her work by being a U.S. Department of Defense Certified Project Manager and over the years, she has had the amazing opportunity to work alongside her father and grandfather in a business they cared about just as much as she does. Prior to becoming the president of this beautiful company, she was actually the Vice President of The Larry Tovar Company. In that occupation, she managed all the business operations of her father’s business. With the access to learn from expert electricians growing up, she eventually had the abilities to become and master the ways of an electrical contractor. This is apparent as she and her crew of top electricians ensure excellence with their commercial and government clients.

To sweeten the appeal to Liza’s Tovar Electrics, you should also know how amazing her team members are.  Each electrician is a licensed Master Electrician or Journeyman. Even their helpers are also licensed apprentices on their way to becoming journeymen themselves in the near future. They and we follow all local, state, and national codes so you have the confidence in knowing your job is done perfectly. We also have standards for our employees as do drug testing and criminal background checks to insure the safety of yourself and of your family. In addition, we provide intensive professional training in the electrical trade and employees are taught how to best communicate with you and all our other amazing clients.


Larry Tovar, Liza’s grandfather, started his electrical services company back in 1963. His son, Larry Tovar Jr., eventually took over the company in 1990 as his own skilled electrician.  He soon incorporated the business as Ravot Inc. dba The Larry Tovar Company which became one of the founding members of the El Paso chapter of NARI (National Association of Remodeling Industries).

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