LED Conversion by Tovar Electric in El Paso & Horizon City, TX

Increases the Bottom Line!

Call Tovar Electric for a free quote

Call Tovar Electric for a free quote

Does your company have a lighted parking lot with High Pressure Sodium or Mercury Vapor bulbs? Retrofit them now with long lasting, highly efficient LED bulbs. Incandescent and even florescent interior lighting also uses more energy than LED lighting. In addition, incandescent and florescent lamps produce lots of heat. This significantly increases air conditioning costs.

Call Tovar Electric for a free quote for converting current fixtures into energy-saving LED lighting. They can also give you an idea how much you will save in energy costs. Some businesses have even saved enough money in their first year to cover the costs. Not to mention the additional savings gained year and after year. Call Liza at (915) 595-2900.

Wasted Energy Means Wasted Money

Whether used for interior or exterior lighting, LEDs save money in additional ways.

  • LEDS have a longer life span. An LED lamp can last 25 - 100 times longer than an incandescent bulb.
  • Commercial exterior LEDs are ten times more efficient to run than Mercury Vapor or High Pressure Sodium bulbs. They also provide "instant on"-no wait time needed for gases to heat up.
  • LEDs need to be changed left often lowering maintenance costs. (Especially if you hire contractors to replace parking lot bulbs on high poles.)
  • LEDs produce little heat and lower air conditioning costs.
  • LEDs are solid state. They do not shatter so require no clean-up.
  • LEDs are directional so light goes where you want it.
  • LEDs are available in many colors for landscape and mood lighting.
  • Like any technology, new research and improvements make LEDs more efficient and affordable every day.

According to energy.gov, 49 million LED bulbs were installed in 2012. Energy savings add up to over $675 million a year and hundred of metric tons of carbon emissions. Retrofitting all bulbs to LEDs in the next 20 years will result in $250 billion dollars in energy savings and reduce carbon emissions by 1.8 billion metric tons.

The City of El Paso, in conjunction with El Paso Electric and other organizations, are retrofitting current HPS (High Power Sodium) bulbs and MV (Mercury Vapor) bulbs with energy efficient L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs. The current phase concerns 19,000 street lamps. The expected energy and bulb replacement savings is projected to exceed $8 million over a ten year period. Although your company will not have a project of this scope, these numbers should help you realize the significant savings in modernizing parking lot and out door lighting to LED.